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Simplify Your Life Week: Day 1 It's Okay To Say No

Simplifying means different things to different people. During National Simplify Your Life Week, we'll explore ways to create space in your home and in your life for the things that really matter to you. We hope to share practical organizational ideas, some of which involve efforts on the front end that will pay off later. And we hope to invite reflection about time management and how it affects our lives.

Ready? Let's get started with today's activity! Take a moment to think about this: time management boils down to saying yes or no, and it's okay to say no to some things. Your calendar should be carefully edited to reflect the things you need to do and want to do. Being the people-pleaser I am, I know how difficult it can be to say no to others. But try to remember, you know what your values and priorities are, so don't second guess yourself or feel guilty about decisions. You know better than anyone how your time is best spent. So "protect" your time. When an opportunity comes your way and you need to make a decision whether or not to add it to your calendar, ask yourself ...

Does it align with my values?

Is it something that really matters to me?

Does it re-energize me and feed my soul?

If there's not at least one "yes" out of the three questions, you may want to politely decline. That way, when something comes along that is a resounding "yes", you still have time in your schedule for it.

Quote for the day:

I don't say no because I am so busy. I say no because I don't want to be so busy. I say no so I can say yes to what really matters in my life. -Courtney Carver

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