Valentine's Day, Pandemic Style

How to celebrate Love in a pandemic?

Get a jump start today on some great ideas to show and share your love with those near and far.

If you are a last minute gift giver, Valentin'e Day lands on a Sunday this year, so good news: you have more options to spend part of your weekend pulling together some gifts of love. Here are some of our favorite ideas to share your love:

For those Near:

Recreate a favorite restaurant meal for your loved ones at home - you can expand that to a total date night complete with a Netflix pick and some popcorn. Send out a fun invitation in advance.

*Or if you are short on time, order a great takeout meal and dress it up with a beautifully set table

Plan a day dedicated to each other, doing the things you love to do together.

Give a gift card for a massage or spa service for future use

Pull together a beautiful flower arrangement from flowers at your grocery store – it can be done!

Gift your time over the coming year – how can you ease the load of your loved one by taking over one of their chores?

Deliver a French-themed breakfast in bed

Give a handmade gift, Pinterest is filled with ideas

Fill a jar with heart shaped affirmations of love, that your loved ones can pick out each day

Scatter heart shaped post its around the house

Bake a favorite treat from scratch

Make little gift baskets that you can deliver to friends or family in the area

Simply say all of the things you love about that person

For those Far:

Send an airlines gift card that shows your commitment to time together in the future

Make handmade cards this week that you can send in the mail - you have a week to get them done!

Send flowers from our favorites: Farmgirl Flowers and Urbanstems

Send a beautiful candle that they can light and think of you - some great picks are: Lafco, Paddywax, CapriBlue, The White Company, Nest, Voluspa, Illume, or a very special personalized Le Labo candle.

Send food from Goldbelly – either from a favorite restaurant where you once shared a meal together or from one of their favorite restaurants or foods

Send E-cards timed to be the first thing they see when they wake up

Send E-Valentine’s Day Cards

Create and send a gift box from Sugarwish

Gift an Audible membership

Gift a Masterclass Membership

Create a Happy Box from

Check out Mancrates - they have great ideas for the Men or Boys in your life

Voice Record all of the things you love about someone and send it as a surprise when they wake up

Over the Top Gifts?

Songfinch – create a custom love song, which will be recorded by an artist and sent to you to share with your loved one.

Plan a weekend getaway planned for 8/14 – Valentines Day.5

Send a year’s worth of subscription boxes of wine, cheese, chocolates, fruit, cocktail mixes, etc….

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